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'Crowned Heads'

This 2004 Dykes Award winner has lovely form and substance in addition to the unusual darktop pattern in a neglecta (blue or purple bitone). Simply scrumptious!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

'Progressive Attitude'

'Progressive Attitude' hybridized by Sterling Innerst and registered in 1992.

'Beyond Borders"

'Beyond Borders' a 2012 registration from Rick Tasco.


That's exactly what I think whenever I see this iris. YES! OH YESSSSS!

Hybridizer is Barry Blyth and this was registered with AIS in 1996.

'Mariposa Skies'

'Mariposa Skies' is a very pretty reblooming amoena from Rick Tasco of Superstition. It's just breathtaking!

'Girlie Girl'

'Girlie Girl' is a very floriferous and pretty plicata introduced by Schreiner's Iris last year and sent along with my order as a bonus plant. NICE!

'That's All Folks'

What can you say about an iris that has it all? Vibrant color, abundant blooms, lush growth and so pretty it just makes you want to stare and smile. It's no wonder this cultivar won the Dykes Medal from the American Iris Society in 2013.
The Dykes Medal is only awarded to one iris variety each year, and in order to win it must have previously won the highest award for its class, the Wister medal for tall bearded iris, and it must get more votes from iris judges than any other iris in the running. All classes of iris can compete for the Wister medal including spurias, arilbreds, Siberians etc, not just all the classes of bearded, so its a great mark of distinction.
Without further ado, here is 'That's All Folks', from Bill Maryott; his final introduction before leaving iris hybridizing and moving on to daylilies.

'Sand Dancer'

Here's another arilbred iris that I bought from the hybridizer Rick Tasco at Superstition Iris Gardens last year. It's been a strong grower and has produced a half-dozen blooms so far. Love it!

'Burra Sahib'

Aril iris hybrids have an exotic flair but can be difficult to grow if your environment is too humid. Here in the southwest they do well. This one's name 'Burra Sahib'  means "big man" in arabic; it's a title of respect for a very important person.

'Bottle Rocket'

A very popular 2010 introduction from Sutton Iris Garden.

Nature's mistakes

Sometimes strange things happen in the garden. Just this week I found these two flubs by Mother Nature.

Chimeric petal on 'Peggy Sue'. There is normally no blue in this flower at all.

Oddly fused standard and fall on 'Panama Hattie'

One standard completely missing and one standard fused with the fall. Oddball flower indeed!


'Burgundy Brown'

I received this as a bonus from I believe Nola's Iris Garden, and was I ever surprised at how unusual and beautiful this one turned out to be!! Hybridizer Ben Hager registered this cultivar in 1990.


Blooming again is 'Hemstitched.' I say "again" because it just put  up a nice stalk in November and here it is just 4 months later and in full bloom again.

Here is is in November:

And here it is this week:

Registered by Ben Hager in 1990 , it's a modern classic plicata.

'Shadows of Night'

'Shadows of Night' is a 2006 introduction from Rick Tasco of Superstition Iris Gardens. Nice substance, awesome blue beards, a sweet fruity fragrance, tall stalks and lovely ruffles make this one a winner.

'Glitter Gulch' and 'Calizona Gold'

A couple of southwestern theme names from hybridizer Margie Valenzuela. I was lucky enough get to take home these iris stalks after the SCIS meeting yesterday.

First, we have a vibrant yellow space-ager dubbed "Glitter Gulch."

And next, a distinctive golden iris with brown veining through the falls. Named for the theme of the 2012 AIS convention that was held in Ontario CA, this one is 'Calizona Gold.'


Another rebloomer.

'Forever Yours'

Another beautiful rebloomer. Ben Hager, 1993. You just can't have too many white irises, they go with everything.


'Grace Kallam'

Named for a volunteer at the Los Angeles arboretum, this variety is said to be hard to find. Naturally, I found it at....the arboretum! Pretty delicate colors but not much substance, the flowers fade quickly.